The Everly Barn

The Everly Barn is the place to celebrate any occasion with family and friends.  The strikingly beautiful, white 3,200 square foot structure wasn’t always aesthetically pleasing.  For over 25 years, it served its functional purpose as a barn for cows and horses.  When the property was purchased, the exterior of the barn was falling apart which made it difficult to see potential beauty. Some elements from that old structure are still present in The Everly Barn today as a reminder of its history.  The original frame, wooden interior posts, tin, and cattle feeder still exist to help bridge the gap from past to present.
The all white with natural wood concept of the exterior of the barn flows into the interior. The beauty is in the details as it includes antique chandeliers, one of which was recovered from an ancient structure in Europe. It also incorporates an accent of cedar walls that provide a touch of its original country charm and texture to the interior with a black iron railing along the stairs and balconies.

The Everly Barn can occupy up to 175 people and is complete with a kitchen, handicap-accessible restrooms, balconies for extra seating, two covered porches, an outdoor deck, and a small gazebo.


Wedding? The Everly also offers individual spaces for the ladies and gents to lounge or prepare for the grand occasion. Each room is equipped with a restroom, small refrigerator, and tv.  The Everly is the perfect place to celebrate your “Everly” ever after. Come check us out!

Ladies Lounge

Gents Lounge


We Host Events

Concerts, Greek Life, Family Celebrations

Hayday Fest

New Year's Day

WPT Events and Designs

Exquisite Sweet 16 Celebration

Retirement Celebration

Baby Showers

Celebrating Life

Birthday Celebrations

Father-Daughter Banquet

Sorority Formals

Fraternity Parties

Pavilion Sorority Parties

Jazz On The Water

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Our Story

The Everly at Osborn was birthed from a vision to provide a charming, distinctive, and harmonious setting for people to gather together.  It was named “Everly” to honor the late Everett and Mary Quinn, who served as inspiration in helping the vision come to fruition.
Originally in 2016, the lush, spacious acres were purchased as farm land for raising cattle. It was absolutely stunning as it was located off the beaten path and included a barn and 10-acre lake.  Within a few years of ownership, the vision became clear. A retreat for people to celebrate different occasions and have relaxing getaways was needed in the area.  Thus, The Everly at Osborn was born to meet that need.

The Blue Anchor Lake House

The Blue Anchor is a small, quaint lake house that sits at the center of the property in front of the lake.  With its beautiful, eye-catching hue of blue, it truly lives up to its name.  Like an anchor, it’s a mainstay that holds every rustic and delightful aspect of the property together. If you want to decompress or get away from it all, The Blue Anchor is the perfect place for that.  Although it has an old-fashioned charm, it also possesses a modern flare.  Its interior marries contemporary and traditional nautical aesthetics.  The large, shady back porch is absolutely breathtaking as it faces the lake allowing you to feel an occasional gentle breeze.  It is complete with two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area, laundry/multipurpose room, and front and back porches.

Leblanc Cottage

Cute, simple, & cozy describes this new one bedroom cottage quite perfectly. It’s boho/adobe-like decor provides the perfect vibe for a relaxing weekend getaway. It is nestled between Seasons party room and The Blue Anchor Lake House on The Everly property. It’s ready just in time for the next home game!

Seasons (small building)

Seasons is a small multipurpose building that meets the needs of those who want to acknowledge different seasons of life, milestones, or significant events. Although small in size, it serves as the perfect spot for intimate occasions such as baby or bridal showers, paint parties, and small birthday parties.


1145 Adams Lane

Starkville Ms, 39759


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